preparing to saber a bottle of very good champagne. Photo by Cheryl Richards
Preparing to saber a botte of very good champagne at the Four Seasons, Boston (Photo by Cheryl Richards)

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      About the Drinker (umm, Author)

A singer, logistics/operations geek...  who loves a good drink.

I can help you with that:
• Lead or plan your whisky tasting
• Teach you how to open champagne with a sword
• Use a red-hot loggerhead to make authentic colonial drinks
• Send off an empty bottle with flair (and fire!)
• Good songs and stories about alcohol and its uses!

I've hiked the highlands with a bottle in my backpack; Organized educational whisky and rum events in restaurants and bars and boats; Made colonial cocktails with a red-hot loggerhead; And used my sword to open bottles of champagne for a wedding toast, a college degree completed, and a Happy New Year!

It began with scotch, oh and it began well. I co-founded a group devoted to singing close harmony over a table stocked with single malt (The idea was to help us taste more bottles on a budget, but singing kept happpening, so we embraced it). I sail, so rum began to happen! Then one day, someone gave me a glass of gin that wasn't the horrible stuff my father used to drink.

I used to play a game at a friend's tasting parties: Matching the right person to the right whisky.  A newer game is asking people for adjectives and stories before choosing a drink for them (and I love finding bartenders who will play this game on me!)

I occasionally post thougts on DK's Whisky Habit (a fb page)

woof aye with a bottle of PC8
A proper send-off for an empty bottle
at the distillery (photo by Lynn Noel)
Distillery visit
colonial song & drink
A night of colonial song & drink
making flip the colonial way
Real flip requires a red-hot loggerhead
making flip the colonial way
A fine drink for the fireside
sugar sculpture to crown a flaming wassail bowl
Sugar crown for a flaming wassail bowl
whisky with gummi rat and a mad scientist (photo by Jane Winans)
Sharing a flask and a gummi rat with a mad scientist
badges of honor and whiskying
Distillery adornment


Scotch. Yes, first it was scotch

I love whisky! The Scots don't understand whisky because of some genetic quirk, but because they drink, smell, and think about it a lot. Also because they live in the terrain and weather that make it.  So... I drink, smell, think, and sing about it a lot. As for terrain and weather, I grew up in New England and now live in Seattle, both areas with Scott-ish weather!

You don't need to be wealthy to enjoy good whisky - if you learn a little, share with friends, and don't fall into snobbery, then you can do very well for normal money.

Recording Whisky (photo by Lynn Noel)
Making notes at a distillery
  PC5 Pre-taste (photo by Jeannie Connerney)
A taste of PC5 before Bruichladdich ever bottled it

PC5-8 tasting
I organized a private tasting of PC5-PC8
  Nosing at Aberlour (photo by Lynn Noel)
Nosing at Aberlour

      Sabers and Champagne

Dramatic and tasty. Just apply a sword, some bravado, and proper technique!

I learned how to open champagne bottles with a sword from a mad Scotsman, several years ago at his hogmanay party.
I have studied the art since and can perform it at your gathering, or teach you how to do it yourself. Have sword will travel!
(if I teach you, I am empowered to induct you into our ranks with a certificate and/or society pin)

Sabering at the Four Seasons, Boston - step 1
      (Photo by Cheryl Richards)
Step.1: Addressing the Bottle (Photo by Cheryl Richards)
Sabering at the Four Seasons, Boston - step 2
      (Photo by Cheryl Richards)
Step.2: Choosing your field (Photo by Cheryl Richards)
Sabering at the Four Seasons, Boston - step 3
      (Photo by Cheryl Richards)
Step.3: Popping your cork (Photo by Cheryl Richards)


Ah, Rum! So much history, and so many nicknames, in one bottle!

It's the drink that Paul Revere, Ernest Hemingway, and every pirate you've ever read about can agree on.
If you sail, care about history, or like lime then you should meet rum. Would you like me to introduce you?

Black Tot Day Revelers on the Liberty Clipper
After the first Black Tot Day on board the Liberty Clipper
  a bookcase with rum
I like to keep a couple rums on hand

making flip at Prospect Hill Forge
The local blacksmith forge invited me
to make flip for their open house


kilt, saber, and champagne
At the Kendall Tavern's Hogmanay party

Drinking is much more interesting when someone has a good story

Good drink, bad drink. I'd give you the full story here, but really, they're best heard live, with a glass nearby.

Breathing in the atmosphere of Bruichladdich's Warehouse 14
Just breathing in the atmosphere (photo by C. Lavely)

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