Artwork by David Kessler

David Kessler

Artwork by David Kessler

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I am a professional generalist - combining many skills and ideas to gain a perspective that works at many levels and from many directions.

I am a Program and Project Manager (academic, corporate, arts), a Writer and Editor (press kits, published articles, grants, talks, stories...), an Event and Stage Manager (simple symposia, week-long international conferences, multi-stage theatre festivals), a Calligrapher, a Singer, a Philosopher, an adventurer, and a Researcher.

These interests have led me from libraries to tall ships, from pyrotechnics to calligraphy, from drafting tables to martial arts.  Should I ever master all these things, I'll be a renaissance man.  Until then call me a dilettante.

Follow a few of these threads:

Language and Logistics  Information on my professional life.

Writings  Published and unpublished pieces from around the world, around the corner, and around my brain.

Theatre  Onstage (the illusion), production (creating the illusion), and backstage (controlling the illusion).  If you don't love this sort of work, you'll hate it.

Calligraphy and Illumination  Examples of my work and of the things that inspired them.  (Most of the artwork on these pages is my own)

Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts)  Leung yi, tai chi, sword, and more.  I've been studying wushu with local treasure Bow Sim Mark for about 16 years.  At her urging, I also demonstrate, teach, lecture, and perform.

Travels  The thrill of being "away" can be realized through flying 6000 miles, or by biking to the supermarket.

Music  A basic need.  My groups, my performances, my styles.

Drink  Whisky, Rum, and opening champagne with a saber.

Resumé  employers past and present, with notes on each.

Photo Galleries  People and places, frozen for an instant to make my memory smile and your eyes think.

Not everything fits into such neat categories or has such pat tag-lines to introduce it:

The Child Book of Etiquette  Lessons learned from reading the seminal ballad collection of 19th century Harvard Professor F.J. Child.

Other directions, amusements, and links.  Some friends, past affiliations, music, books, movies...

Tracking the Brain of Theodore Parker  The Infamous transcendentalist Preacher and abolitionist wasn't buried whole.

An important note about this site and its contents:
A small amount of the writing, artwork, and photos on this site come from others, and I have credited them all, either in captions, lead-ins, or on the artwork itself.  All remaining writing, artwork, and photographs on this site are my own (all rights reserved).  If you wish to use any content or portion of this site then ask me for permission first, and credit me when you use it.  most likely I'll just say, "sure" and be flattered, but I want to know.  If you like it so much, then do me the courtesy of telling me.

It's so easy to just copy things and re-post them without a thought.  Have a thought, and contact me!

Main Page       Language/Logistics       Resumé       Writings       Calligraphy       Theatre       Music       Drink       Wushu       Photo Galleries       Contact

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